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  • The MICRA alarm module with GSM/GPRS communicator is the versatility alarm device with capability to support both traditional hardwired detectors, as well as dedicated wireless ones
  • The optional use of wireless motion detectors and reed switch detectors provides optimal protection against burglary, while the wireless smoke detectors can provide additional safety
  • Operating the system by means of remote control keyfobs, wireless keypad or mobile phone is simple and intuitive
  • Owing to its analog inputs, the MICRA can be also used for supervision over technical devices, providing information on exceeding the critical parameters - such as temperature or pressure
  • To configure a module, simply connect it to the computer with a suitable cable and run the app

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Number of hardwired inputs:4  + 1 
Number of relay outputs:
Number of low-current OC type outputs:
Number of power outputs:
Power supply:18 V ± 10%
Recommended transformer type:TR40VA (40VA / 18VAC)
Module power supply type:A
Total current consumption of the built-in power adapter:2 A
Current consumption from 230V mains (standby):50 mA
Maximal current consumption from 230V mains:150 mA
Current consumption from battery (standby):120 mA
Maximal current consumption from battery:420 mA
Battery failure voltage threshold:11 V ± 10 %
Battery cut-off voltage:10.5 V ± 10 %
Battery charging current:250 mA ± 20 %
Output voltage range of the power adapter:10.5  ... 13.8 V DC
Current-carrying capacity, AUX output:500 mA
Current-carrying capacity, FT output:50 mA
Relay contacts rating (resistive load):1 A / 30 V DC
Number of supported remote control keyfobs:
Supported keyfobs types:
  • P-2
  • P-4
  • T-1
  • T-2
  • T-4
  • Operating range in open area:max. 100 m
    Number of supported wireless detectors:
    Supported wireless detectors types:
  • MSD-300
  • MPD-300
  • MMD-300
  • Operating frequency range of the keyfobs and detectors:433.05  ... 434.79 MHz
    Type of microphone socket:JACK 3.5 mm
    Environment class:II
    Operation temp:-10 °C ... 55 °C
    Main features:
  • inputs mode selection: digital (NO/NC) or analog (voltage measurement)
  • dedicate tamper loop input
  • GPRS/SMS monitoring
  • SMS/CLIP test transmission function
  • non-volatile memory of events
  • possibility of local programming via RS-232 port or remote programming via GPRS/SMS
  • Board dimensions:120  x 68.5 mm
    Dimensions:266  x 286  x 100 mm
    Manufacturer / Brand:SATEL
    Guarantee:2 years



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