Internet Shop Terms and conditions
In this e-store shoppers Buyer confirms its agreement to the following terms and conditions. The Terms, the Parties will follow the Law of Obligations Act and other laws of the Republic of Estonia. These conditions apply only e-shop goods ordered.
1. Terms.
1.1. Purchase Conditions apply to the Internet shop customers (hereinafter referred to as Client or Buyer) and e-store surveillance camera of the owner LLC (the Seller) arising from the purchase of goods between the legal relations.
1.2. Terms and conditions of this Act shall be valid from 21.12.2013.a up Internet shop next Terms version published on the website.
1.3. If the client sent a request before the change takes effect, the customer's order in force at the time of transmission conditions.
2. Sales and Checkout.
2.1. Sales will take place when the client is sent through the Internet site sales order and pay for your order by bank transfer.
2.1.1. The sales contract shall be deemed concluded when the client is worth three (3) business days of the invoice to be sent to his e-mail.
2.1.2. Upon receipt of the money for the bank account shall be deemed that the Customer has read and agreed to the terms of the current version.
2.2. All product prices displayed on the site are shown in Euros and without transportation fee and include 20% VAT.
2.2.1. Seller reserves the right to adjust prices. If the client sent his order before the price change takes effect, its price is valid for that was the time of the execution of the order.
2.2.2. If your order was canceled in section 4.1, 4.6, 4.7, and the product was ordered again, it shall be considered as new orders and applies the new price.
2.3. Product images displayed are for illustrative purposes and may differ from the actual product. Seller shall not be liable for the description of goods brought into compliance with the code and the price, product descriptions and images for correctness. Seller shall only partner stores the data, which could be faulty and inaccurate and the manufacturers may change specifications without notice.
3. Freight delivery.
3.1. Goods are not sent until the payment is received advance payment of the total subscription amount payable.
3.2. The customer is entitled to pay for at least half of the purchase price in accordance with the Law of Obligations Act § 213 section 4 of the second installment of the Customer may be paid in cash, at the meeting, or by bank transfer before delivery.
3.3. All orders are sent to the customer within Estonia Eesti Post, SmartPost Post24 or consignment purchaser's expense.
3.4. Over 2000.- Euros for the purchase of the goods are sent by courier to the customer's door (ie, ordering to the address indicated).
3.5. order for yourself Coming delivery charges accrue. Courier meeting will take place in the center of Tallinn, a pre-agreed time.
3.6. Goods are handed over to the client only on presentation of an identity document. If the goods can not be transferred to the customer, the courier returned to the seller of goods.
3.7. Depending on the stocks of the product sellers in stock, the ordered goods will be sent within the prescribed period:
3.7.1. 5 working days, if the goods are in stock Seller. If the client does not get the goods in 15 working days, you should contact customer support.
3.7.2. 10-15 working days if the goods are available in stock Seller partner. If the client does not get the goods in 25 working days, you should contact customer support.
3.7.3. If the selected item is out of stock, then delivery can take up to 45 (forty five) days.
3.8. Order of the data depends on the accuracy and veracity avoid delays and misunderstandings in the delivery of the goods. The seller and the courier company is not responsible for product delivery delays and misunderstandings occurred if the delay or misunderstanding caused by the Customer ordering the data inaccuracies or errors.


4. Cancellation and refund of the product.
4.1. If the item does not fit or does not meet the expectations of the client, then the client has the right to return the goods within fourteen (14) working days from receipt of goods, in accordance with LOA § 56 section 1 are needed to send a pre-declaration, and a confirmation email obtaining reimbursement, sent to the address stated.
4.1.1. Returned goods must be unused and in original packaging and freight must be manufacturer including serial number.
4.1.2. If it turns out that they have been used, is guided by the principle of reasonable use that seller, ie if goods had to be convinced of their unsuitability to try it out, the goods are deemed superblock;
4.1.3. Purchase of a right of withdrawal does not apply if the user has opened a software package and / or activate the product;
4.2. Money for the returned goods will be refunded to the Customer's account within thirty (30) days from the receipt of goods by the Seller, and the date of the submission of an application e-mail
4.3. Customer shall bear the cost of returning the goods.
4.3.1 The seller is entitled to repayment of the amounts deducted from delivery cost of goods if the goods ordered had a free choice of sending. The cost of sending a courier is determined according to the price list with all the taxes.
4.4. Seller pays for the return only if:
4.4.1 The goods had defects that could not be detected by external examination and which has not occurred in the package is opened;
4.4.2 The goods are not what was ordered.
4.5. If the goods are trialling is needed in the original packaging is opened, the client must open the original packaging carefully, without damaging it. If the package is not possible without breaking / breaching open the client is not responsible for damaged packing.
4.6. Seller reserves the right to cancel the Customer if the invoice amount is not paid 3 (three) days from the date of invoice, or if the customer has not paid at the time of receipt of the goods to the remaining 50% of the amount payable under the invoice, except the in cases where the customer was prepared according to a special agreement.
4.7. The customer has the right products ordered after the deposit payment, but before the delivery of the products, to cancel your order by notifying the seller by phone, e-maili through the addition of a corresponding application letter and package goods photograph. Prepayment canceled order is returned to the client's account within thirty (30) working days after the submission of the application.
4.8 If the goods are returned to the Seller in accordance with Section 3.7. given the conditions, the Seller has the right to cancel the order. The money will be deducted from the return of the courier service.
4.9. If a product is purchased in a campaign in which the goods have been added to a product, will be returned.
4:10. If the returned product is damaged and this situation has been caused by the Customer improper use, alteration or improper assembly or disassembly result or the client's fault or negligence of the circumstances, the Seller reserves the right to compensate for the decrease in value by the customer freight prepaid and recoverable amount.


5. Guarantee
5.1. Dealer mediated sold the equipment manufacturer's warranty and warranty procedures, but does not make equipment warranty repairs.
5.2 Warranty shall be manufacturer's maintenance offices. Authorized Service Dealer absence of representation is made or warranty or directly the manufacturer. All transportation costs are borne by the customer.
5.2.1. If a defect is discovered by the customer of a technological nature, the client may require improvement, and the ineffectiveness or lack of the replacement product.
5.2.2. If a product can be improved, then the buyer is not able to demand the replacement, because it would cause unreasonable costs for the seller.
5.2.3. If the repair during the warranty period is impossible and that production has ceased, replaced by the manufacturer or importer warranty with equivalent or better product.
5.2.4.According Obligations Act § 222 section 1, the Customer may demand a refund in such cases only if the replacement within a reasonable period of time has not been possible due to a lack of suitable product.
5.3. Warranty service is based on the invoice issued by the Seller / waybill and damaging the serial number of the device. If the serial number has been defaced or illegible, the Seller has the right to refuse warranty service free of charge.
5.4. The warranty period is stated on the invoice date and ending on the date specified at the time of the importer.
5.5. The Customer shall be repaired to deliver the commodity itself an authorized service center to provide warranty repairs in the absence of the goods to the Seller of.
5.7. The warranty does not cover the details of the product or its deficiencies and defects (incl. Breakage), which is caused by the following reasons:

5.7.1 Not proper storage of the product, or disregard for, or use of overload;
5.7.2 improper use, maintenance, installation or connection of the product for use, installation, or connecting to the instruction manual and the safety of non-compliance;
5.7.3 product changes and / or incompatible spare parts or accessories;
5.7.4 Transport damages which have occurred after the transfer of the product to the Customer.
6. Liability and Force Majeure
6.1. Seller be liable to Customer Internet shop conditions for damage caused by violation of the current legislation in the Republic of Estonia and the extent.
6.2. The customer is responsible for Seller by the Customer in violation of the conditions for damage caused by the current legislation in the Republic of Estonia and the extent.
6.3. Neither party shall be liable to the other party in front of her behavior are not considered in these conditions for any breach of its obligation to exercise due to the delay or the failure to exercise, if such delay or non-exercise of the reason was that the party is controlled by (force majeure).
6.4. Seller will not be compensated for non-pecuniary damage, which can lead to customer delivery times, prices and other terms of these conditions.
6.5. Expert-related costs are borne by the party whose position is not proven expertise.
7. Other conditions
7.1. Seller use the information only to fill customer's orders or disclose information obtained in the course of shopping to third parties, except in cases prescribed by law.
7.2. Seller reserves the right to send the Client from time to time about new products, services and discount offers.
7.3. The customer has the right to request deletion of your data database.
7.4. In these conditions, matters not regulated hereunder the Customer and the Seller Estonian state laws governing the relationship between the parties, and other acts.
7.5. These conditions arising from the disputes and disagreements resolved by the parties, in particular through negotiations. If you can not resolve a contractual dispute between the Parties, both the Customer and the Seller shall be entitled to seek legal redress from the Consumer Protection Board or the courts.


LOA from the extract.
§ 56. Right to withdraw from the [RT I 2004, 75, 522 - entered into force. 10.11.2004]
(1) A consumer may cancel a distance contract within 14 days. The matter shall begin on the date on which the matter was, however, the same class of service on the first part of the things that have come to the consumer and to the requirements of this Act, the obligations set out in § 55. The service period starts the date of contract award, if it satisfies the requirements of § 55 of the commitments.
(11) Financial service contract begins on the date of the withdrawal agreement or of § 54 1, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the obligation, if it takes place after the conclusion of the contract.
(12) Distance of life and pension insurance contract, the consumer may withdraw within 30 days. Connectivity for the assurance, the period shall begin on the day on which the consumer be informed of the contract.
(13) It is judged that the consumer is in a distance financial service contract early departed, when he is the tenderer of the withdrawal period, notice be sent or made any other way for withdrawal in view of § 54, paragraph 11, section 9 of the withdrawal to carry out the practical steps.
(2) If the provider has not complied with the requirements of § 55 of the obligations, the consumer may cancel the contract within three months from the date of arrival to the consumer, but the service within three months of the date of contract award. Financial Service contract for a period of three months from the date of award of the contract if the provider has not complied with the provisions of § 54 or § 541 in liabilities. If the three-month time limit, shall be forwarded to the provisions of § 55 or financial service contract for the provision of § 54 paragraph 1 and 11 of the said information, the consumer may withdraw from the agreement referred to in paragraph 1 of this section within the terms. Service contract for a right of withdrawal expires, if the provider's own initiative or with the consent of the consumer services before the expiry of the withdrawal.
(21) Provision of financial services the right of withdrawal ends when both parties at the consumer's express request before the withdrawal of its contractual obligations in full.
(3) Where a consumer withdraws from a contract, to be paid by him or her to return immediately, but not later than 30 days after notice of withdrawal arrival PSP. The consumer must be obtained from the supplier of money and other items to return immediately, but not later than 30 days after dispatch for withdrawal. The provisions of this Act, the consequences of withdrawal § 188-194 apply.
(4) For the purposes of this section do not apply to the Financial Services Act, § 57 and 384 of the credit agreement.